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'You know something, partner,' he said. 'I don't think we're going to need thirty minutes.'

On the other side of the gallery security door, Kong was emptying a third clip from his machine pistol into the keypad.

'The gargoyle's touch. Now that is interesting.You know, Number One, there's something about you. Those mark-ings. You seem familiar to me.' Artemis frowned, irritated that he couldn't quite place the memory. 'We haven't met before, I would certainly remember. Nevertheless, there is something…'

Artemis began dragging the bomb towards the indicated spot. It wasn't so far. And then they could all stand round in a ring and watch it explode.


Oh gods, Master Qwan. It's been so long. You wouldn't believe what this demon eats.

Imp No.l dressed quickly, rushing into the hallway to check his reflection in the lodge mirror, just in case he had

Abbot was in a tough spot. He could order the Council to attack, but that would leave many questions unanswered, and he couldn't mesmerize everybody. But if he let Qwan keep talking, every one of his secrets could be exposed. What he needed was some time to think. Unfortunately time was something he did not have. He would have to use his wits and weapons to get out of this situation.


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