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is smoking a hookah bad

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Although he has his near relatives, they are not equal to my virtuous men. The people are throwing blame upon me, the One man.”

When I wish to give over the study of his doctrines, I cannot do so, and having exerted all my ability, there seems something to stand right up before me; but though I wish to follow and lay hold of it, I really find no way to do so.”

Tsze-chang wrote these counsels on the end of his sash.

When he was standing, he did not occupy the middle of the gateway; when he passed in or out, he did not tread upon the threshold.

The Master said, Heaven produced the virtue that is in me. Hwan T’ui-what can he do to me?”

He did not sing on the same day in which he had been weeping.

The Master said, When a man may be spoken with, not to speak to him is to err in reference to the man. When a man may not be spoken with, to speak to him is to err in reference to our words. The wise err neither in regard to their man nor to their words.”

Being without anxiety or fear!” said Nui;”does this constitute what we call the superior man?”


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